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Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C) is a law firm concentrating on the regulation, litigation, and business issues associated with bulk and nanoscale TSCA and FIFRA regulated industrial, agricultural, biocidal, specialty chemicals, and FDA-regulated products.  B&C's practice includes all chemical management programs under U.S. law, the European Union's REACH regulation, and related product approval, registration, and data compensation arbitration programs, chemical product litigation, and associated business counseling and litigation issues. 

B&C offers extensive expertise in federal, state, and international requirements applicable to specific conventional chemicals, products of nanotechnology and biotechnology, and products subject to food contact and cosmetic regulations. 

B&C's consulting affiliates, The Acta Group, L.L.C. (U.S.A.) and The Acta Group EU, Ltd (U.K.), offer significant and complementary services in the global chemical product registration and support area, including, U.S., EU, Asian, South American, and related chemical management programs.


Chemical Product Legal Services Include:


  • Engineered nanomaterials product approval
  • Premanufacture notification/exemption development
  • Compliance audits/due diligence evaluations
  • FIFRA data compensation
  • Enforcement defense
  • TSCA Section 4 advocacy/ECA development
  • NTP/IARC advocacy
  • TSCA/FIFRA risk reporting/recordkeeping
  • Proposition 65
  • Substance dossier preparation


  • Nanoscale materials product approval,responsible development of nanotechnology regulations, assessments, and product support
  • Data compensation issues, i.e., REACH
  • Competition law/trade infringement
  • Enforcement defense
  • Appeals, i.e.,ECHA
  • Agent (Only Representative) services
  • Assist in product approval via the appropriate regulations
  • Offer confidential business information protection and counselling
  • Advocacy and coordination with relevant industry associations and government agencies
  • Compliance audit services
  • Consortia support
  • Substance dossier preparation 

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