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EU Council mandates Member State initiated 'Harmonized Database for Nanomaterials'

On the 20 December 2010, the Council of the European Union, during its 3061st Environment Council meeting, adopted a conclusion to provide a mandate to the European Commission to 'evaluate the need for the development of specific measures for nanomaterials relating to risk assessment and management, information and monitoring, including the further development of a harmonized database for nanomaterials, while considering potential impacts'.

With this decision, the Council has formally commenced implementation of the next step of the Belgian Presidency's initiative Towards a regulatory framework for nanomaterials' traceability; the agreed collaboration between the European Union Members States France, Belgium, and Italy, with experts from The Netherlands and Germany as advisers and 'harmonization of national databases for nanomaterials on the market' will now be officially supported by the European Commission, as indicated in the Belgian Presidency working document entitled Towards harmonization of national databases for nanomaterials on the market. (Draft, 17/12/2010): The [European Commission Joint Research Centre] JRC is prepared to support the initiative regarding the NanoPortal conceptual design, and technical implementation according to the needs to provide a harmonized European approach making use of already established technology and knowledge pools at the JRC as far as possible.


Follow these links to download the full press release of the Council conclusions, or to find out more about the Belgian Presidency's conclusions and next steps Towards a regulatory framework for nanomaterials' traceability.

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