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Danish Nano Product Register Order comes into Effect Today

The Danish Ministry of the Environment has signaled that the country’s order on the register of mixtures and products containing nanomaterials come into effect today. The first reporting to the nano-product register has to be carried out by 30 August 2015, for the period between 20 June 2014 and 20 June 2015.

The obligation to report is on companies that manufacture or import mixtures and articles incorporating nanomaterials that are intended for sale to the Danish general public. The products can be both insoluble and soluble, and release, or are reasonably foreseen to release, nanomaterials when used. There are numerous exemptions from the register however, and these cover items from food and feed, food contact, medical equipment, cosmetics, pesticides and wastes. The order makes use of the European Commission’s (EC) recommended definition of nanomaterial.

Reporting by obligated companies will be carried out once a year in English or in Danish, and the product register will be managed by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The register will not be publicly available, and although an annual report will be made available, it will not disclose any confidential information. Some information that is supplied by companies will automatically be treated as confidential, though other secret information will need to have confidentiality requested for it.


Follow this link to read the full text of the order (in Danish), and this to access the Danish registration portal.

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