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Belgium ratifies National Nano Reporting Scheme

The Belgian Council of Ministers has validated the country’s mandatory nanomaterial reporting scheme. This will require companies who put substances and mixtures containing nanomaterials on the Belgian market to register their materials. An evaluation is set to be run on whether products containing the materials will also need to be registered.

According to the report announcing the ratification, the scheme will allow health authorities to respond quickly to any nanomaterials that prove to be a hazard to public health, and will allow relevant information to be transmitted to the occupational health and safety bodies. By allowing for transparency, it is hoped that the scheme will strengthen the public’s and worker’s trust in the technology.

Registration for substances begins from 1 January 2016, while mixtures will have to be registered on 1 January 2017. The Belgian authorities will undertake an assessment on whether products containing nanomaterials will need to be registered in 2017.

This move means that Belgium becomes the second EU country to adopt specific regulations governing the placement of nanomaterials on the market, after France had done so in 2013.


Follow this link to read a press release announcing the move, and this link to read NIA’s previous reporting of the scheme. Follow this link to learn more about the French scheme.

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