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NIA provides comments to Swedish consultation on nanoproduct register
The NIA provided comments on the 24th of March 2017 to the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) on their consultation to require reporting of nanomaterials in products to the Swedish Product Register.  NIA is of the view that the information requirements and administrative burden of the proposal is not proportional to the objective to provide an...
NIA Meeting report from 16th EC CASG-nano Meeting available
NIA attended the 16th European Commission CASG-nano Meeting 14-15 March, 2017. The NIA Meeting Report is now available for NIA Members (requires log-in). 
NIA Consultation on SCCS Nano TiO2 as UV-filter in Sprays Draft Opinion
On 7 March 2017, the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety of the European Commission (SCCS) released a draft opinion on nano titanium dioxide (TiO2) used as a UV-filter in sprayable cosmetics. SCCS will receive comments on this opinion until 14 May 2017. The previous opinion on nano- TiO2 had expressed 'concerns over the safety of TiO2...